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Welcome to our home! Get to know us and our space, have some coffee or tea and network in our ecosystem. You'll be energized and ready to go to WebSummit!
Our doors are open from 9 to 11am, from monday to thursday during the WebSummit days.

About BETA-I

Beta-i is an organization created to boost entrepreneurship, and its mission is to foster a true innovation culture by giving mindset, tools and context to ideate, create and grow new businesses. Beta-i enables collaboration, co-creation and a culture of transformation across three main areas: acceleration, corporate innovation and education.

Acceleration: By creating our mentorship-driven acceleration programs, our goal is to allow you to learn from the best and position yourself to be a global player. LC is our investment-based acceleration program that runs over 10 weeks, and host up to 15 startups from all over the world. It's our flagship accelerator, built for people, designed to hone their skills and prepare them to face the challenges ahead.

Corporate Innovation: We bring along the disruptive power of startups and the inner in-company team potential to develop new processes: from detailed strategic plans to full-blown new business units; from shared and applied knowledge to fast prototyping techniques; from experiment to business integration. Our approach allows startups to scale alongside best-in-class companies, corporates to bring edgy innovations to market and, all the while, defining how companies of the future will work.

Education: Our new education area focuses on improving the learning experience for people from 7 to 97 years old, and its main vision it to create new methods of learning, understand risk and failure and testing as something positive part of learning and improving instead of the opposite, of teaching how to learn.

Since 2010 Beta-i has received 5000+ startup applications to our programs and accelerated over 850 startups, that have raised +65M€, with 12.000+ people attending our events.


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